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We are protesting against the construction of a Dollar General at the entrance of Ellington Village in Granville, Ohio.

Dollar General is not a good fit for our community. We want to preserve the character of our town and protect our investments. Dollar General is a large corporation that will take business away from local shops and negatively impact our economy. We believe that our community deserves better than a Dollar General. This is a threat to our investments and the local community. We must stop Dollar General from setting up shop here. Our community needs your support. Sign up now and join us in the fight against Dollar General. Together, we can make a difference!

The Dollar General is not good for Ellington Village. A 2022 study by Clemson University found that the presence of a nearby dollar store diminished property values by 16-21 percent between 2016-2019, while the presence of a nearby grocery store increased property values by 14-15 percent. READ MORE > 17 Problems: How Dollar Store Chains Hurt Communities

Dollar General is not welcome here.

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