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February 6, 2024 - The Newark Advocate - 'This is not OK': Residents concerned over potential Dollar General in Harrison Township

January 25, 2024 - Notes from Harrison Township Meeting

* Dollar General is in a pending contractual status to purchase the commercially zoned 3.63 acres at the second entrance of Ellington Village. Pending status means a property’s offer has been accepted by DR Horton and the contingencies have been met, but the sale hasn't been finalized yet. This property has been zoned B-1 commercial for 20-25+ years when it first became a PUD (planned unit development). The intent is to open a Dollar General Marketplace where there would potentially be other food related items such as meats, produce, pre-made salad/sandwiches. 

*While it is located at the front of Ellington Village and beside of the condos, it is excluded from the HOA of Ellington Village. 

*Licking county, Harrison Township in specific, has some of the most stringent zoning and architectural standards that must be met.

For example, they used to require 20% of building materials must be of natural materials but now it is 60%. As standards change, buildings must also comply to the new standards. There are setback rules, 70% buffering zone between residential and commercial, landscaping, lighting rules, signage specifications, parking requirements, etc. if you would like to see the complete list, go to Harrison township website (, click on department, zoning, 1st bolded item, then Article 26 or

*There is a noise ordinance that is in effect in Harrison Township from midnight-6am. If any challenges arise, call the sheriff non emergency line at (740) 670-5555. 

*If parking or delivery trucks block or park in incorrect areas, call the sheriff non emergency line at (740) 670-5555.
*Dollar General has NOT submitted application for a zoning permit but has begun the process with Licking County

*Dollar General or any business looking for zoning permit have to apply, there’s a couple of things that will happen: application goes to the TRC (technical review committee) for roughly 2 months, it will go to the zoning boards selected architecture firm, the firm either approves or denies the design based on the zoning regulations, if it’s approved it takes roughly 1 week to get the zoning permit. Then an application for building permit, which takes roughly 1 month. Then ground breaking.

*Harrison township placed a new speed enforcement sign on Ellington Boulevard. The first data came back with over 4,400 vehicles passing the sign in just two days. This data would not include vehicles entering on Ephriam or Mannaseh Drive. This would be great information to share to ODOT to push for a Traffic study to be completed.

What can our elected officials do: Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. The pending offer between DR Horton “America’s Builder” and Dollar General is a business transaction. DG will have to apply for a zoning permit and a building permit. The zoning permit is handled by Harrison Township Zoning office. 


Thank you for reaching out!

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